Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ready, set, GO.

So, it's day 2 of classes, which also means that it's day 2 of no Facebook for me. And so far, so good! Classes have been really good for me so far. I'm excited about all of them! I dropped Minor Prophets because it was going to be RIDICULOUS, and I'm going to be taking Romans instead. It's a required class, but I wasn't going to take it until next year. However, I'm okay with taking it this semester. The main assignment that I'll do for that class is memorize the ENTIRE book of Romans! How cool is that? It will take the place of a lot of other assignments in that class, had I not chosen to do the memorization. The first portion is due on the 18th of February, and it's 4 chapters. So I'd better get crackin'!

I have to say, I am SO excited about this semester. I said before that I was skeptical about being back, but if things keep going the way that they are, I should be okay. I've been able to see that there are people who actually really do care about me, and that's been nice to see. Right after lunch today I got a HUGE hug from one of the guys I work with, and that was really encouraging. I've also been really proactive in eliminating drama in my life, including someone who said that he wanted to have coffee with me in order to work out a "problem." Without giving much detail, this guy and I are no longer friends, and haven't been since October. Because of that, I don't see any problem to work out, and I told him that I was uncomfortable meeting with him because I didn't think it would solve any problems, but make things worse because I knew that I shouldn't actually see him face-to-face. I don't know if he understood or not but regardless, I did what I needed to in order to cut down on the drama.

I know that this semester is going to be hard enough academically, and that's why I'm taking these steps. I have to become healthy emotionally in order to succeed academically. Some people don't understand why I've taken a month off of Facebook, but that's a huge part of it. In no way, shape, or form do I judge anyone who is on there all the time, because I'm normally one of those people. But for my own health right now the best thing for me to do is to not be part of that social network.

Anyway, that's it for now. I have Self-Defense in 15 minutes, so I need to head over to the gym. Love you all. :) I would love to keep in touch with my friends while I'm not on Facebook, so don't be afraid to call, text, or email me. All that info is on my profile. Bye for now!

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