Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Paradox.

As I am sitting in the library tonight, I cannot bring myself to stop thinking about the terrible devastation that has occurred in Haiti. Fox News was on the television at the library all afternoon while I was working, and it was heartbreaking to see the horrific results of that deadly earthquake just 48 hours ago. After work, I walked over to the coffee shop on campus, only to see that the news was also playing in that room. It was there that I realized this paradox or oxymoron, if you will: In the same eyeline as the television showing this disaster, the dead and the mourning, I saw college students laughing and enjoying each other.

It caused me to ponder my own life's tragedies, and how it seemed so strange for the rest of the world to continue when my world had completely stopped. In a way, it seems as though we should all be mourning along with the rest of Haiti because of how devastating this disaster is. Please don't mistake me on this, though. I am in no way judging those that are still laughing in the midst of this - heck, I was laughing with a friend just a half an hour ago, and I am sure that everyone else has done the same.

However, seeing the effects of the earthquake should sober us to the reality of how fragile this world and human life is. Thousands of people died - let that sink in for a few moments. This is no small issue. To put it bluntly, these thousands of people met their eternal fate through this tragedy, either walking into eternal glory with God, or being separated from Him forever. Do we really ever stop to think about this?

Through this, I am reminded of what we as Americans do when a celebrity passes away. We've mourned the loss of Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Roy Disney, and others. We mourn the loss because we will no longer see the evidence of their talents, but when was the last time we stopped to think about the eternal ramifications of their deaths? These people, though very successful on earth, are very likely now separated from God forever. This is huge.

This convicts me, because it makes me realize how little effort I put into telling others the Gospel and sharing my faith. I am always too afraid - too afraid that they won't like me anymore, too afraid that they'll think ill of me, too afraid that I might be hurt by their comments. But really, what does this matter in light of eternity? In light of their eternal destination? My fears are nothing in comparison with that realization.

I am at a loss to give a satisfactory challenge to my readers. I know this was a depressing blog, but these thoughts are burdening my heart and mind right now. Maybe this didn't make sense, but I needed to get it out.

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