Monday, January 18, 2010


My heart is heavily burdened for the people of Haiti right now. Mark Driscoll, the pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle and James MacDonald, the pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel here in Chicago, are down there right now. I just received a twitter update from Pastor Mark saying that he just saw a teenage boy get shot in the head and die instantly down there. It's hell on earth there right now, and there needs to be constant prayer for our fellow human beings. We need to take action instead of saying that this is a very unfortunate thing and not really doing anything further about it. This is very, very serious. A country has been absolutely devastated and destroyed by this terrible disaster.

Pastor Mark and Pastor James started a website before they left in order to help raise money for Haiti, and I would highly encourage you all to look at it and ask yourself if you are called to give to this cause. If you can't give financially or physically, then please do everything in your power to continue praying for this country and for everything that is going on. Prayer is the very least and the very most we can do.

Please take a look at the website:

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