Monday, February 15, 2010

Curious Thoughts.

Hm.. I've been seeing a few things in the past few days that have really interested me and made me think. Well really it's just one thing, but I've seen it in multiple locations. These are pictures, especially on facebook and as profile pictures, of individuals singing praise music.

I, being the critic and cynic that I am, have found this really interesting, and it has caused me to wonder what the intentions are behind putting pictures up like that. I know that we should be willing and able to worship God in a public setting and do it unashamedly, but what is to be gained by posting a profile picture of yourself, raising your hands and singing?

I want to believe that the intentions are pure and right and good, but there's also a part of me that sees that and wonders how much of the intentions were from pride. Though we may not admit it and may not even know it consciously, is there part of us that wants people to see how "spiritual" we are? Call me cynical - that's fine. It's just something I have trouble with seeing the good intentions in.

Like I said, I want to believe that people have the right attitudes about it, and they just don't know how it might come across. But part of me sees those pictures and thinks that the person is saying, "Look at me, and how much I love Jesus. Aren't I so great?"

I don't know, maybe that's being too critical. But I definitely think it's something to think about. While it shouldn't be our main focus, we should be aware of how we come across to those around us, and that the things we do, while they may not seem like a big deal to us, could be perceived very differently by others.

Those are just my random thoughts for the day.

In other news... I am realizing just how blessed I really am. God has brought me through the darkest time of my life, and things are just so good right now. I know they won't always be, and there are still some difficult things going on, but I just feel so satisfied and content in my life right now. Even though classes are so busy and just absolutely ridiculous, I'm still loving them, and loving what I'm learning. I'm really excited to use what I've learned once I graduate. I'm also realizing more and more how great of a man my boyfriend is, and how blessed I am to have him in my life. This past Valentine's weekend was wonderful, and I'm just looking forward to seeing how God continues to work through us. We just worked it out last night to where I can go to Minnesota at the end of spring break to see him, and I am SO thrilled about that. It'll be so much fun to see where he comes from and why he is the way he is.

I also feel like I have the desire again to fully pursue God, and that's such a relief. I crave my time with him in the mornings, and I am completely enjoying learning more about him. I'm in the middle of memorizing Romans for a class right now, and it is so, so much more than just memorization. I have been so edified and so encouraged by what I'm memorizing, and it has just been so great.

God is so good. Really, He is. He is revealing more about Himself to me every day, and I am completely enjoying taking it in. God really does bring renewal and refreshment after struggles, and He reveals Himself in a new and wonderful way all the time. It's so true that when we seek Him, we will find Him. He will not hide from us when we are in our distresses and our troubles. It may be more difficult to see Him, but He's still there, and maybe even more present than ever.

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