Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mm... Yes.

So, I decided that now was an okay to update you all on this man in my life. We haven't even become facebook official yet, but I didn't want to wait to talk about him. :D

His name is Eric, and he's a senior here at Moody, majoring in Biblical languages (we both share a nerdy love for Greek). I had seen him around campus before, but we officially met when a group of us went dancing last semester. I only danced with him once, which was a huge bummer because he was really good. I had also always assumed that he had a girlfriend, so I didn't really think much of it until my friend Emily told me that he was actually single. Even so, since I didn't know him, I just thought, "hm," and moved on.

So now we come to after Christmas break. A girl from his home church, Heather, just transferred here for the spring semester, and she just happens to be my neighbor in the dorm. Because I was there early as part of the orientation leadership, I got to know her and hang out with her. The first weekend back on campus, after lunch we all decided to go to Jewel, so the new freshmen could go grocery shopping. She told me that she had asked one of her friends from home, Eric, to come with us because he wanted to hang out with her. I will admit, even though I didn't know him, I was a little excited that he was coming along because he had already made a good first impression with me. So that was the first day that we actually talked. Afterward we played Dutch Blitz with 4 of us, and I felt bad because I REALLY sucked at it. -51 points is not a way to impress a guy, that's for sure. :)

So time went on, and we hung out with him a couple more times, studying and just hanging out. Then one night he asked me if I wanted to go to Berry Chill (a frozen yogurt place in the city) with his bro/sis. I ended up not being able to go because of homework, but that was okay, because he asked me to go just the two of us just a couple days later. Funny story, actually. His asking me was supposed to be a joke (which I didn't catch), so it was a little awkward how it happened. But that's okay, because it obviously ended well. :) He and I went on the date and had a great time, and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. Since then, we have been hanging out and spending a lot of time together, having some really deep and good conversations. His love for God is absolutely evident, and he is such a leader.
This past weekend and week was Founder's Week for the school, and so we had the week off of classes. Mom and Dad were in town because Dad was on a business trip, so they actually got to meet him! :) And Eric told me that it was after spending time with all of us that he officially decided that he wanted to be in a relationship with me. He was going to wait until Sunday to ask me to be his girlfriend, but he decided (thankfully) that the rest of the week would have sucked if he had done that, so instead he asked me on Wednesday night. :)
It's only day 3 of our relationship, but I am so incredibly excited about everything. This has definitely been a God-thing and so totally unexpected, and we're both looking forward to seeing how God decides to use this relationship. We're definitely holding it with open hands, and we want God to work in and through us the way He wants to.
I know that I said that I wasn't going to get into a relationship this semester, but it's obvious that God has orchestrated this, and I don't want to do anything that is against what He wants. I'm sure that I'm also speaking for him when I ask for your prayers for us and our relationship. We want to put God first in everything and have Him at the complete center. We don't want to focus on ourselves, but on Him alone.
Thanks. :)


  1. Beth I'm SOOO happy that you are so happy, and I will be praying for you two! :D

  2. We approve and we are praying for you! Love you very, very much! Mom


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