Friday, May 31, 2013

Procedures Scheduled! (And a few other updates)

Wow, lots to talk about today and it's not even 12:30!

1. I heard back from Mayo today (which is AWESOME since I was originally told I wouldn't hear from them until next week). So here's the breakdown:
       My check-in time for my ERCP (endoscopy) and colonoscopy is 11:15 on Monday morning. I will have the endoscopy first, and then while I'm still under anesthesia they'll go ahead and wheel me into another room and do a colonoscopy.
       A few hours after my procedure (around 3) I'll meet with the surgeon who is doing my endoscopy. I received a voicemail from my PSC doctor this morning and he told me that the surgeon who will be working on me is his favorite and will do a very good job (Praise the Lord! How amazing is that?).
      After I meet with the surgeon and debrief with him I will meet with my UC doctor and debrief about what was found in my colon to talk about whether a colectomy is imminent or not and what that will also look like.
       I don't have any appointments scheduled on Tuesday, but I will return to Mayo on Wednesday afternoon to talk to my PSC doctors (Dr. Tabibian and Dr. Talwalker).
        I'm so happy that all of this is finally happening! It will be so good to have some actual answers and plans about everything. Monday and Wednesday are going to be very big days for us, so your prayers are most definitely appreciated! We are looking forward to know what's happening, especially with the possibility of a colectomy looming over us.

2. About a month or so ago I posted about how I recently got into photography. I contacted our wedding photographer to talk about a possible apprenticeship with her, and was contacted today about working with her and learning from her when we move! I'm so excited about the possibility of making photography a career. I can really see myself doing something like that long-term, and I'm really excited about learning more and refining my skills. Yay!

3. Eric received calls from TWO recruiters that he's been in contact with today for Wells Fargo. They've been interested in talking with him and there may be a phone interview in there somewhere. For all of you who don't know, Eric and I are moving to Colorado mid-July (which is why I contacted our wedding photographer), and the only moving piece right now is Eric's job. He's currently looking for a possible promotion right now, but if that doesn't happen we have other options for him to get a job within Wells Fargo which is a really nice thing (We really like that company). So hopefully when Eric talks to the recruiters they will have good news about job openings and options for us in the Denver area!

4. This may not sound like a big deal, but our apartment also got shown to someone today! Since we are moving in the middle of the month, we currently will have to pay for 2 weeks that we will not be in the apartment. Because of this, we are really praying that someone rents the apartment right after we move so that we can use the extra money from rent for our actual move. Having our apartment shown is a really good sign and definitely gives us hope!

OKAY. So. Here are some praises and prayer requests:

Praise: Mayo got back to me much more quickly than we anticipated, and that we'll finally get the ball rolling on these procedures!

Praise: Things really seem to be falling right into place for our move to Colorado. Even though it will be difficult to leave Minnesota, it really seems like Colorado is exactly where God wants us to be right now.

Request: Wisdom and steady hands for the surgeons on Monday and that we will have good news as far as a colectomy goes and that they will hopefully be able to clear the blockage that is in my liver bile duct.

Request: Patience as we continue on this journey. I'm so excited to continue moving this process along, but I know there will still be bumps and difficulties along the way. I know that some of the news we may receive next week could be difficult, and I'm trying to prepare myself for that.

In the end of everything, God is sovereign and He has a plan and purpose for everything that He is orchestrating. It is absolutely obvious that God is at the center of ALL OF THIS, and even though He's allowing me to face these difficulties, He has Eric and I right where we're supposed to be. Please pray that we will continue to trust Him and look to Him through everything.

Thank you, friends! You all are so wonderful, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. :)

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  1. Thanks for the update!!! Praying for everything to go smoothly and for the both of you!!


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