Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bittersweet Times.

The past few days I've been starting to tell my customers at work that I'm leaving in a week and a half. It's been extremely bittersweet because even though it's not the best job ever and I'll be thankful not to deal with the stress anymore (I take on stress really easily), I have honestly the best customers in the world. Today I posted a Facebook status saying,
The hardest part of leaving my job: saying goodbye to my wonderful customers. Feeling so overwhelmingly blessed to have such special relationships with them. Already received much encouragement from them, a card from one, an invitation to spend time at my favorite older customer's home (Mary), prayers, and an opportunity to sit down and talk to another one after work today. Who knew I would grow to love my customers so much?
I cannot begin to express how much I love my regulars at work. Just a few of them include Rick, Joe, Nancy, Mary, Judy, Mary, Jackie... etc. I have never worked in a place where the people have been so kind and caring and have genuinely cared about someone who is just their barista. They are truly invested in my life and care about what's going on with me. So here's a moment where I'm going to brag about how awesome they are and get a little sentimental:

Rick: He's a total goofball and always cracks jokes when he comes in. He comes in at least twice a day, and is always a bright spot in our day when my coworkers and I see him. He gave me a card yesterday that I was so blessed by and that made me cry. I'm so thankful for him and for the encouragement and prayers he has offered to me.

Joe: I don't know Joe very well, but he is a Christian as well and has taken a genuine interest in my life. He told me yesterday that he has something for me before I leave, and I feel overwhelmed by  his generosity, whatever it is that he has for me. I have felt incredibly blessed by his desire to pray for me and learn what is going on. I will my miss my conversations with him, for sure.

Nancy: Nancy is like my Caribou "mom". She's always looking out for my best interests - she challenges me to be better, gets excited about the good things in my life, sympathizes/empathizes with me in the difficult times, and has just always been there to be supportive. She came in yesterday and while we didn't have time to talk then, she told me that she wants to sit down and talk to me after my shift is over today. I'm so grateful - she is a huge blessing in my life.

Mary K: I cannot say enough about Mary. She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met (besides my grandma). She is in her seventies and has lived a full life - she has been such a wonderful and encouraging person to me. I talked to her for a bit yesterday and told her everything that was going on, and she told me that she loved me and was going to miss me when I leave. I will hopefully be visiting her home sometime next week, and I can't look forward to it enough. To have a relationship with a customer outside of the four walls at my coffee shop will be a wonderful thing.

Judy: Judy has recently gone through some extremely tragic situations in her life, and I feel very privileged to give her my prayers and encourage her as much as I can during those hard times. Having her call me a "dear friend" was such a blessing, and I'm hoping to see her before my last day so I can give her one last hug and tell her she's still in my prayers.

Mary and Jackie S: This mother-daughter combo is such a blessing to me. Throughout the last couple of years they have come into the store almost every day, and sometimes twice or three times in a day. They always sit and play cards and talk to us. They are so sweet, and I have been very blessed to know them. They gave me their numbers so I can let them know what's going on with me in the future, and I'm so grateful that they care enough to know what's happening after I"m done at the store.

I know that it's hard to connect to this post because hardly anyone reading this knows who these people are (except for my awesome coworkers), but I can't help but brag about my wonderful customers. I feel so blessed and overwhelmed by their generosity and offer of prayers and encouragement. They have truly been huge influences in my life the last couple of years and I'm grateful to call them not only my customers, but my friends as well. What a blessing they are. I'm certain that I will cry on my last day of work.

Thanks for reading, friends. <3

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