Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worship. (Part 1)

So, for my Senior Seminar class we have to read a Biblical Studies book with 2 other people in a group and present it to the class in a few weeks, and my group chose the book Recalling the Hope of Glory by Alan P. Ross. Oh my goodness, this book is amazing. I've only gotten through part one so far, but I have already been convicted about my definition of the word "worship" and how American worship works and how it often falls short of being biblical. In his book Ross says,

The popularly named renewal movement has been trying to bring life back into worship services. Now more and more frequently congregations are (literally) faced with 'worship teams' - which actually are a number of singers and musicians - who function as leaders for the time of worship (the time of worship refers to the music and praise leading up to the rest of the service). The music is usually contemporary, and he praise brief exclamations. But these times of worship, even though involving the congregation, often follow a set pattern at a particular time in the service with repetitious songs. Thus, in fact, a new form of liturgy has emerged, which may be every bit as predictable and repetitious as prayer book worship. And the brief expressions of thanks between choruses are a far cry from the clear and rich praises and thanksgivings that the devout psalmists offered in the assembly of the righteous. Without solid biblical content in the music, in the readings, and in the sermon, it is no wonder that the church has produced a crop of inarticulate Christians.
I really don't have anything else to add to that. I think that Alan Ross said it all. American Christianity has been so watered down that we don't understand the true richness of worship anymore, and we have skewed the definition to simply mean a time on Sunday mornings when we stand up and sing songs before the sermon. Worship is so much more than that, and I am so excited to find out more. I'll definitely be posting more blogs about this.

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