Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts on a snowy day.

So here I am, sitting in my dorm room with a very snowy day outside my window. Everything would be peaceful and lovely if it weren't for one thing. It's ALMOST APRIL. *sigh* Well, I suppose I should be used to this by now since I'm from Colorado. However, it still annoys the heck out of me. But I digress.

Being back in Chicago for a week now after spring break has caused me to think about a lot of things. I had one of the best breaks I've ever had this year, and it was really difficult for me to come back to Chicago. The hope that I had was that I would be back home in just a month and a half. I was really able to reconnect with a lot of old friends as well as make new friends, and that was amazing. I MISSED my Bible Study girls! I grew up with these girls, but it had been almost 2 years since we had actually spent any long period of time together. I needed that time with my girls. They are wonderful women of the Lord, and it grieves my heart to know that I am away from them for such long periods of time. But I was really able to spend some quality time with them (by going to a Newsboys concert together! YEAH!) and I now miss them more than I did before, but I wouldn't trade my time with them for anything. Maybe the Lord will lead me back there someday to stay.

In being back home and doing so many activities, I began to realize just how much I miss my family. I don't know what it was, but even though I've been on breaks before, this time was different. I feel as though I connected with my family on a different level. Could it mean that I'm actually growing and maturing, and therefore my relationships with my family are becoming closer because of that? It very well could be. 

God is so good. He has blessed me with a family that I don't deserve in the least. I have 2 wonderful parents who have been together for 32 years and still love each other just as much or even more as when they were first married. They love the Lord, and strive to do what He wants in every aspect of their lives. I have three older sisters who I love dearly, and I love their husbands almost as much. :) Even though they are all so much older than me, I am so blessed to have their friendships. 

We had a wedding during break, and I think that was one thing that brought us all closer as a family. Shelley and Mike's wedding was absolutely gorgeous and touching. We were just all so incredibly happy for them that when the slideshow came on with the song, "When God made you," we all fell apart. There wasn't a dry eye in our family. We are close and we all love each other so much more than anyone can know. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for my family. I am always there for them, and I know that they are always there for me. What a relief that is! 

My sisters are my best friends. I can tell them anything and everything. It's such a blessing to live in a close family like the one I have. I hope to never take them for granted.

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