Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Just Don't Understand.

You know, sometimes I just don't understand why horrible things happen to people. People who seem to be really kind and caring. I know that everyone is a sinner and does bad things, but there just seems to be something so unfair about really nice girls having horrible things happen to them, and then developing mental disorders because of those traumatic experiences that weren't even their fault.

I know that God knows what He's doing and He has the world under control, but there are just some things I can't figure out.

What about the nice, good girl who gets raped? What about the good guy who gets horribly beaten and sent to the hospital? What about the little kids who have to grow up without a mother because their dad murdered her? What about the woman who has not only one miscarriage, but 3, 4, 5...?

I know that this is gruesome, but these things really happen. All the time.

My heart cries for justice.

My heart cries for God to hear the broken and bruised.

For God to physically intervene and save these people.

Ugh. I just don't understand sometimes (I hate not having all the answers).

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  1. I think we look at these things all backwards...what if Satan had total control of this sinful world? God, in His mercy, rescues many of us from the ravages of sin when He doesn't have to. Instead of us thinking it isn't fair, maybe we should look at God's infinite mercy and grace that He does rescue us from even more devastation and destruction. Could He stop it all? Yes, but then we would never turn to Him and would never try to flee from this sinful world. He's a good, good God. Even when we don't think so, it is still true. I do understand what you are saying, though. We've all been there. But as I mature and see the grace of God over and over and over, the more I realize how merciful He is. Just something to think about.....


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