Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Hilarity.

I love my family. This will be a short blog, but I just wanted to share a funny story about something that happened last night. As background, my family has a tradition of setting up the Christmas tree all together every year, and we have been adding the new guys into the family (Jill and Becky's husbands, and Shelley's fiance). Because of this, my mom has had to buy new stockings for the guys. When Jill's husband was first with us, my mom got him one, but it didn't match the rest of ours. And since we're adding on two new members to the family, my mom decided to buy all new ones for the guys.

Here's the catch.

She bought 4. Think about this for a minute, guys. She bought one for Jill's husband, one for Becky's husband, and one for Shelley's fiance. That makes 3. This means that the fourth is for my future husband! Holy Cow! Talk about pressure! Here's what's even more funny: my mom actually put the stocking up on the fireplace! So my future husband's stocking is there, for everyone to see! I have no idea who it's going to be, I have no prospects, and here I am stuck with this stocking for my mystery man! Shoot... Haha! It's actually pretty hilarious. Hopefully my husband one day will think so... :) Shelley's fiance, Mike, said that we should actually fill it up every year from now on until I meet him so that when he finally gets here, he'll have a whole pile of candy/miscellaneous gifts waiting for him. Ha! Oh dear. I'm just glad I'm only 19. There's not TOO much pressure for me right now! All I know is that my parents are expecting me to get married at SOME point in time. lol!

I love my family. :)

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  1. Dear Bethany...

    It is really funny story....
    Yes, I agree with Mike, you should actually fill it up every year from now on until you meet him so that when he finally gets there, he'll have a lot of gifts waiting for him...ha..ha....ha...

    I enjoy and love to read your blog, it is interesting for me. Congratulation for your happy family.

    Oh ye...I am Agnes. I live in Indonesia. I have ever studied in Manchester UK for 2 years. I have ever stayed for 1 week in British family to celebrate Christmas, so I can imagine setting up the Christmas tree with the sock, lights, etc.

    I believe that one moment in the future Christmas, there will be a wonderful man who will get the sock.

    Last but not least, I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas also Happy New Year 2009!! Lets we together praise the Lord as our Savior.

    Warm regards,
    Agnes Maria


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